Pattaya, Thailand has a vibrant Gay scene with many gay bars and clubs to suit all tastes.

Two Guys is situated near Sunee Plaza, which is a laid back, friendly and not so expensive venue. You can read all about Sunee Plaza here

It Has Go-Go bars with cute dancers, beer bars with handsome waiters, Clubs with some of the sexiest dancers you have ever seen.  All are approachable and are happy to have a drink with you and if they like you will go out partying with you. It is not unusual to see older and younger in the same company enjoying themselves at discos.

We had a customer in his late 30’s who is very shy, so we took him around some of the bars, he was not shy for long once he met the friendly boys,he had a date every night. He liked it so much he is returning after 10 days at home in Europe

You will meet people from many places here Europe, America, Asia, Arabia, Australia, Russia, China and Japan. Pattaya has also many other attractions to do and see during the day, a few of them are;

Dontang Gay Beach.

Where many of the bar workers come to relax during the day, watch the boys play volleyball or frolicking in the water. Pattaya has many beaches, but the most famous one is probably Jomtien beach of which Dontang is a part.

Million years stone park – Crocodile farm

This place has both a park (rock garden) and a zoo. It has  crocodile shows where the guy put his head in  crocodiles mouth while it is open. You can go elephant riding or have your picture taken with tamed tiger
Open from 8.30am – 6pm

Elephant village

Here you can go elephant trekking throughout the day. It also has elephant training shows at 2.30pm everyday. Elephant Trekking, Elephant Show, Jungle trekking and Rafting trip.

Pattaya park

Pattaya park is a fun park located in Jomtien. The famous Pattaya park’s swimming pool, whirlpools that are huge with big sliders.  There’s a lot more things to do here like, tower jump, sky shuttle, monorail and a lot more in Pattaya park funny land.

 Koh Larn & Neighboring Islands

Just a 45-minute tourist/fishing boat ride, or a 15-minute speedboat ride off the shores of Pattaya Bay, Koh Larn is the largest island attraction in Pattaya. Activities include lunching on the beach, water sports, snorkeling or just enjoying the sun and sand.

Wat Yanasangwararam (Temple)

Wat Yan, as the locals call it, is about 15 kms. from South Pattaya and is the most spacious and charming Buddhist compound in the area. Considered one of the “Great Buddhist Temples of Thailand”, It comprises several exquisitely constructed shrines surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, all centered around a peaceful lake.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

15 km from South Pattaya, it is considered one of the biggest and most unique botanical gardens in Southeast Asia featuring an amazing variety of palm trees, ferns and orchids. Visit the zoo or enjoy the Thai cultural or elephant shows which run daily.

Wanasin Farm

Experience and participate in true Thai traditions in a very charming setting. Explore the fruit plantation or the floating market, then watch the Thai buffalos at work in the rice fields. After a delicious Thai lunch, enjoy the folk dances or have a traditional Thai wedding arranged for you and your loved one.

Pattaya Fish Spa

Visit and try fish spa, the first fish therapy in Thailand. Letting up to a thousand fish nibble at your feet or hand may initially sound like a crazy idea, but fish therapy, a novel spa treatment that originate with the Garra Rufa or Doctor fish in Turkey and has since gained acceptance in many countries. Fishmania Spa, the unique and fun therapy is now available in Pattaya/Jomtien area located on Sukhumwit road (Opposite with Underwater World Pattaya).

Fun is important, and unlike some spas where there is a sombre atmosphere, when anyone first puts their feet (or hands) in amongst the fish, there is laughter. Within the treatment room, there is a bath (tank) with seating around it, so that up to eight people can enjoy their feet being nibbled by up to a thousand fish at any one time.

 Ko Sichang

On a clear day, you can see mountainous Ko Sichang floating on the northwest horizon from the beach in Pattaya. A visit will take you back in time, and give you a look at the real Thailand in a fishing community that goes about its business without McDonalds, automobiles, neon signs or shopping malls.

Departure is from Ko Loy in Siracha, about 30 km north of Pattaya. Buses run frequently between the two towns, and there’s a train every afternoon. From Ko Loy, there’s a ferry every hour from 7 am to 8 pm. Fare was B50 per person, except for the last trip, which was B60. You’ll land about 45 minutes later.