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Why Stay at Two Guys Guesthouse?

Low Season Special, June to Oct. Details at bottom of page

Are you used to being treated as Invisible in the Gay bars and clubs at home?

45 Year Old Guy, out of Shape, thinks he’s too Old and Over the Hill to find any new romance in his life.    He resigned himself to being treated as “Invisible” in the bars and clubs…..

Until he came to Pattaya That Is …………..

He not only met handsome younger guys 1/2 his age, but they were phoning him looking for a date.

Is this true you ask?

We have many customers who come to Pattaya for the first time telling us “I would not have believed I could have found so many approachable friendly people had I not experienced it myself”.

One much traveled customer said that he had been to many gay places in the world but this was the top of them all.  Another customer told me he was very shy and doesn’t know how to talk to people..” but here the guys are so friendly”, he said,” You never have a problem finding someone to talk to in the Bars, they welcome you and will talk and have a drink with you”.

Pattaya is open and non judgmental

There is no prejudice here (Age or otherwise) and gays are accepted throughout society. You will find gays working openly in local business, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, almost everywhere.

Nothing is guaranteed in life and nothing is forever but your chances of socializing with a happy smiling younger friend in Pattaya are Hundreds of times more certain than in your home town. .

Experience of a Lifetime to Remember

Come to Pattaya now, Turn back the clock and give yourself an experience that you will fondly remember for the rest of your life.

We  at Two Guys Gay Guesthouse  are a Small, Safe, Clean, Good Quality and Value for Money, place to stay, with friendly and helpful staff.

We are a relaxed and enjoyable place to hang out, where you quickly make friends and get to know the inside scoop about much of the vibrant Gay scene.  “Pattaya is like no other in the World” (and that’s customers talking, not us)

You Don’t believe us!…. read the Testimonials on this page and in the Guestbook

Many new guests quickly make friends with other customers while chatting over their breakfasts in the relaxed atmosphere of the terrace cafe. We have customers from America, France, England, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, China, Japan, Malaysia, Russia  all sitting talking to each other and sharing their experiences of Pattaya.twoguys1611285

We make a point of introducing new guests to our seasoned customers. And they are more than happy to offer well seasoned advice and insights about Pattaya, or anywhere they have traveled.

Come and Join us, you too can easily make new friends from all over the world and start living your secret dreams.

Here you learn Quickly from other customers  the best shopping, shows, bars, clubs and restaurants to visit and how much to pay / tip etc. rather than what is asked…There can be HUGE differences between the two….!!!!

This is information that has cost people lots of money to find out, you will be getting the insider tips free, saving you stress, time and money.

Fill in the reservation form to book your dream come true holiday……..And Discover the easy, fast and simple shortcuts from other gay people that are already living their dreams in Pattaya.

Please Note: It pays to book early at Two Guys Guesthouse,  Because!
1.  There is a 50 B/ night discount if you book three months in advance (deposit required via PayPal)
2.  And we are Always fully booked well in advance from November to May.

Book early while there are still vacancies and avoid the disappointment of Paying higher prices at other places.  Fill out the reservation Form and send it in, you will normally get a reply within 24 Hours.

You can Pay by Cash, or if you have an email address PayPal.


Book now! use PayPal, Just fill out the form and we will send you the details where to pay using the PayPal processing system, (which one of the most secure systems on line).
By Christmas we are normally fully booked…Go Ahead What are you waiting for….

Low Season Special, June to Oct.
If you stay for more than 4 nights you get an extra night free, so if you stay for 10 nights you will only pay for 8! (early booking discount not applied to this offer)

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